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    West Flooring’s Dedication to Craft

    Our story is simple. Growth comes from experimentation; trial and error are the kindling for innovation. If you’re afraid to fail, then you’ll never learn. It takes courageous trailblazing to not only keep up, but to excel. A little bit of passion doesn’t hurt either. The last decade has wrought great changes in flooring techniques and materials for commercial and residential floors. That’s what sets West Flooring and Design (WFD) apart from the rest. We’re not afraid to innovate or to try things other floorers balk at. With an unflinching dedication to craft, WFD has taken on the most complicated projects, elevating wood floors to works of art. Virtuosity and a deep love of the flooring craft are in WFD’s entrepreneurial DNA.
  • A Twist of Fate

    Peter West, WFD’s founder, sees art wherever he looks. A trained painter, sculptor, and lithographer, Peter earned his stripes traveling throughout his native Canada as a wayward 20-something. Every stage in his personal evolution was a bold act of trial and error, carving a unique, yet uncertain, path through life. That is, until he met the one person capable of channeling his overflowing creativity and abundant vitality towards a single purpose, now his wife and partner, Laura. Laura was the yin to his yang and the newlyweds soon became complimentary forces greater than the sum of their parts. Laura was grounded and focused, her career taking the couple first to the Pacific Northwest and then Amsterdam while Peter deepened his talents and developed his artistic vision. A twist of fate would soon introduce him to the medium that has become his life’s canvas: wood.
  • The Secret to Ongoing Success

    After living in the Netherlands for 5 years, Peter and Laura returned to Laura’s native New York to help run the family flooring business. At first, Peter was skeptical of his potential contribution: anyone could be a floorer and his artistry would be squandered on routine installations. That’s when it hit him: while it might be easy to lay standard flooring, complex jobs were like snowflakes, and no two were alike. Seeing a perfect way to meld his passion for artistic creativity in a medium where it was sorely lacking, Peter began to apply his ingenuity to wood. This inventiveness in technique, combined with a dogged persistence of perfection gives West Flooring its’ unique edge. This is the secret to West Flooring’s ongoing success: Peter had found his calling—so much so that flooring never felt like work. He’d lost himself in his early projects, and to this day that enthusiasm continues.
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