Hardwood Flooring Warehouse | Calverton

The Finish Mill

Calverton Hardwood Flooring Warehouse + Handcrafted Flooring Finish Production Mill

Our Calverton Mill is where we finish all of our hardwood surfaces.  Our dedication to craftsmanship and pride of work means that owning and operating our own mill is the only option. We personally choose our raw material suppliers from across Europe and the Americas and so it’s important to us to keep our beautiful wood in our hands in our mill to texturize and finish our way.     Located in Long Island, NY, our finish mill is part artist studio, part science lab and proud employer of American master craftsmen who continuously produce the some of the finest examples of woodcraft. We utilize age old techniques and newly discovered technologies in pursuit of handcrafted excellence.     You should come by and see for yourself. We’d love to have you for a visit. Sign up for a hardwood flooring class or just stop in and talk shop.  We’re surrounded by amazing wineries, friend. You’re certain to have a grand time.     *Tours, chats and grand times over wine by appointment only.

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