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Nick West

Product Development
Besides taking part in client service, I am a leading force behind the colors that we develop at West Wood. For many years, I have developed and perfected my skills while experimenting with new techniques.

My combination of skill and curiosity has led to many of the interesting colors you find in our company’s Portfolio. It brings me immense satisfaction to be able to develop new products that you can’t find elsewhere.

When you begin a new design project, I am here to help you decide on the perfect color. My goal is to help guide you in the right direction. Based on other décor and design elements you have chosen, I will help you select the right hardwood options to complete your look and tie everything together.

I invite you to view West Wood’s Portfolio and see which colors speak to you. If you can’t find the exact shade you are looking for, I will develop a custom color to meet your specific needs.

Nick West