Hardwax Oil Maintenance Guide

WEST | WOOD’s Portfolio Collection offers various finishes and each type of finish has its own unique maintenance program. You will need to follow the maintenance plan according to the type of finish you purchased. We recommend using our Maintenance Products.


New Installation

After installation, a maintenance coat application by a flooring professional is strongly recommended. For the first 2 weeks after installation, reasonable precautions should be taken to protect from heavy foot traffic (especially hard soled shoes) and fluids.


Daily Cleaning

No matter which kind of floor you have or which type of finish is used, all hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly. Using a dust pad or vacuum on the floors should be done daily. This will keep the dirt and grit off the floor which if left can cause premature wear. Wipe up food and other spills with a dampened cleaning pad or paper towel.


Monthly Cleaning

Periodically maintain your Oiled or Hardwax Oil hardwood floors with professional cleaning products such as WEST | WOOD’s Maintenance ProductsAll of our soaps are easy to use do-it-yourself. They will clean your floor without leaving residue while reinforcing the protection of the finish.  Our soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients so it is safe to use around children and pets. They are specifically formulated to keep your floors looking great without the need for harsh chemicals or professional cleaning. Contact our flooring consultants for more information regarding the maintenance soap required for your floor.


Annual Cleaning

WEST | WOOD’s Maintenance Oils are compatible with all oil finishes to protect, nourish and regenerate any Oiled or Hardwax Oil finished wood flooring. Regular maintenance will keep your hardwood floors in beautiful condition. While helping to reduce wear spots and dirt buildup in high traffic areas when used occasionally. Our maintenance oils will help maintain and rejuvenate your floors.


We recommend having a wood flooring professional apply our maintenance oil products.