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Hardwood Floor
Refinishing Services

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

See What We Can Do for You

Hardwood Floor
Refinishing Services

Servicing NYC Metro & Long Island

At West|Wood, our passion is to create you the most beautiful hardwood surfaces.

We specialize in offering sophisticated and creative finishes and can offer our skills and innovative colors and textures for on-site hardwood finishing and refinishing projects.

How to Select Your Hardwood Finish

When choosing the finish for your wide plank flooring and hardwood surfaces, consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

All wood surfaces require routine maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and new.

At WEST | WOOD, we have guides on how to maintain hardwood surfaces that have either a hardwax oil or polyurethane finish.

These will let you know the best way and how often to take care of your hardwood. You can purchase maintenance products from us for the easier tasks, or hire our talented crew to come to you and take care of everything.


For more information, please contact a hardwood consultant about available services in the New York Metropolitan Area and Long Island.

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hardwood floor refinishing sanding machine west wood

Available Finishing Options

Finishes Include Low-VOC & No-VOC Products with Many Choices to Choose From

Textures & Pretreatments

Wire Brushed

We offer light, medium or heavy options for your wide plank hardwood flooring. With the light option, more of the natural qualities of the wood are brought to the surface, while keeping the texture to a minimum. When going with a heavier choice, extra texture is added to the surface.


Hand Scraped

This technique adds a rustic look to any space when using the right hardwood and colors. Using this texture on certain elements can make a modern space feel even more upscale. The unique look will pop when compared to the rest of the décor.


Band Sawn

This texture is comparable to reclaimed wood. It leaves saw marks at a right angle to the edge of the hardwood planks. Lighter colors can invoke feelings of the wild west, while darker options provide a forest-like appearance.



This method involves using two distinct colors. A light color enhances the grain and creates a strong contrast against the dark staining of the real wood flooring. Usually a wire brush is used to open up the wood grain, allowing it to accept the highlight color.


French Bleed

The edges of the hardwood planks are blackened to create contrast between the crevices in between planks and the surface of the wood. This option can be combined with a hand scraped surface to create a more authentic appearance.



A method that brings out the grain and darkens the wide plank wood flooring. This process involves exposing the hardwood to ammonium hydroxide, causing a reaction with the tannins in the wood. White Oak works the best because of its high tannin content.


Bleach & Water Treatments

Bleach treatments are used to help even out the color of the wood, ridding it of any discoloration that can naturally occur as the tree grows. This treatment works well for white and grey wood floors. Water treatments help open the pores and grain of the hardwood, allowing it to absorb more of the stain.


Specialty Branded Pre-Treatments

We have developed other techniques to create unique and creative designs, patterns and colors. If there is a certain look or feel that you are going after, we will use our magical touch to make your dreams come true.



The term distressed is very broad and refers to the look of hardwood that has been weathered over time, purposely scuffed and scratched to give it an antique appearance or made to seem faded from old age.


Stains & Top Coats


Polyurethane (Water or Oil)

Using a water-based polyurethane results in a lighter color when compared to oil-based. The water-based option keeps the original shade of the hardwood, whereas oil-based will darken the tone of the planks.


Tung Oil

When exposed to air, this oil will harden, creating a transparent coating that almost appears wet. It doesn’t noticeably darken over time, but can bring out the deepest colors of the wood depending on the ratio of oil to solvent.


Hardwax Oil

This option enhances and preserves the natural beauty and texture of hardwood by seeping deep into the core. It will provide a soft, matte sheen, similar to unfinished wood. Hardwax oil aids in the elasticity of the planks, allowing them to last longer.


Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains tend to have high-quality pigments that provide rich and dark colors. Since water-based stains dry fast, it can cause difficulty when trying to apply them evenly over large areas.


Moisture Cure & Conversion Varnish

Lacquer and conversion varnish generally look the same, providing a clear coat that is highly polished. However, lacquers usually need to be applied more often and with more coats to achieve the proper density and same glossiness as conversion varnishes.


Aniline Dyes

These pigmented stains allow for an attractive finish. Aniline dyes are synthetic and produce stunning, clear colors. When used properly, they will enhance the look of the grain and add depth.



Clear or colored wax can be applied to hardwood and buffed to a shine. Solvents, combined with synthetic or natural waxes, help restore the sheen of the wood while increasing its lifespan.


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