Hardwood Floor & Surface Textures

Hardwood Floor & Surface Textures


A sleek look that complements spaces that are contemporary or modern. Installing smooth hardwood floors will elevate any room and make it feel more luxurious, especially when using non-traditional colors, such as the ones found in the Blackish Color Collection of our Portfolio.

Wire Brushed

To achieve this fashionable choice, it is best to use wood that has a striking and distinctive grain. We offer light, medium or heavy options, depending upon your preference. With the light option, more of the natural qualities of the wood, such as grain and color, are brought to the surface, while keeping the texture to a minimum. When going with a heavier choice, extra texture is added to the surface, creating a more rustic look.

Hand Scraped

This technique adds a rustic look to any space when using the right hardwood and colors. Based on an old technique used by woodworkers, it has now become a common style among designers.

Using this texture on certain elements, such as a table, can make a modern space feel even more upscale. The unique look will pop when compared to the rest of the décor.

Originally utilized to smooth wood planks, a craftsman would use a knife to remove shavings to help flatten the surface. It is important for the treated planks to be placed in an artistic way to obtain the best visual appearance.

Band Sawn

Using a band saw on hardwood creates a texture that is comparable to reclaimed wood. This technique leaves saw marks at a right angle to the edge of the hardwood planks.

Reminiscent of original barn wood, the color can be customized to achieve different styles. Lighter colors can invoke feelings of the wild west, while darker options provide a forest-like appearance.


The term distressed is very broad and refers to the look of hardwood that has been weathered over time, purposely scuffed and scratched to give it an antique appearance or made to seem faded from old age.

French Bleed

Designed to make a wood floor look very old, a French bleed is when the bevels, or edges, of the hardwood planks are blackened. The contrast between the crevices in between planks and the surface of the wood create a stunning look. This option can be combined with a hand scraped surface to create a more authentic appearance.