July 3, 20190
Using Inspiration from La Jolla20190605132253

Using Inspiration from La Jolla

June 5, 20190
Attracting thousands of visitors every year, La Jolla is a seaside community within the city of San Diego, California. More than 45,000 people call this beautiful area their permanent home.With amazin...
Protecting Your Hardwood Floors in the Winter20190412214258

Protecting Your Hardwood Floors in the Winter

April 12, 20190
As a company that handles hardwood floor refinishing in Long Island, we end up doing a lot of work after the Christmas season. This is because the winter brings some pretty big dangers for your floori...
Recognizing & Preventing Moisture Acclimation Issues20190412212755

Recognizing & Preventing Moisture Acclimation Issues

April 12, 20190
Do you have hardwood floors in your home? Are you planning on installing hardwood floors? If you answered yes to either of those two questions, you should be aware of the following signs that relate t...
Engineered Wood Floors vs. Solid Wood Flooring20190412195646

Engineered Wood Floors vs. Solid Wood Flooring

April 12, 20190
Make the decision a little easier by learning a little bit more about hardwood flooring, especially the difference between solid and engineered wood floors....
What Finish Is the One for You20190412193835

What Finish Is the One for You

April 12, 20190
Traditional hardwood flooring is installed unfinished and then the boards are sanded and finished in your home. Pre-finished hardwood floors are finished in the factory and then installed in your home...