Staying Safe While Working

Staying Safe While Working

We have all been impacted by recent events surrounding COVID-19 and the associated actions taken by different levels of government. Here in New York on March 22nd, Gov. Cuomo ordered all New Yorkers to stay at home unless they work for a business that is classified as essential.

WEST | WOOD is proud to be a New York company and while we are directly impacted by the New York order, we have customers around the globe who are under different levels of restrictions due to COVID-19.

As our government continues to observe this pandemic and issue new guidelines for the safety of all Americans, we must all work together to get past this difficult time. In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, in our Finish Mill we are practicing strict distancing with additional personal protective equipment and limited staffing.

It is our top priority to ensure the safety of all our workers, clients and the community while continuing our operations to support the construction industry. We are devoted to accomplishing as much work as possible without putting anyone in danger. This includes having employees working remotely from home and a reduced workforce in our Finish Mill. We expect that the measures we are taking now will leave us in a good position to immediately return to full staffing when permitted.

Your project is a priority. All of our clients are important to us and we are doing as much as possible to provide the best service we can at this time. Our hardwood consultants will be in touch and provide you with any schedule changes or project updates. Likewise, if you have any information about your project that you feel we should know, such as alterations to your timetable, please let your hardwood consultant know.

We hope you, your family and your friends remain safe during this time of uncertainty.

Thank you,
The WEST | WOOD Team

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