Hardwood Floor & Surface Cuts of Wood

Hardwood Floor & Surface Cuts of Wood

There are four main cuts of wood that we offer – plain, live, rift and quarter sawn. Live features qualities from plain, rift and quarter, all in a single plank. Meanwhile, R&Q is a combination of planks of rift and quarter, making up our fifth category to choose from.

Plain Sawn

This type of cut is most common and is also referred to as flat sawn. The rings from the tree are usually 30 degrees or less to the face of the plank.

Cuts of Wood – Plain Sawn

Live Sawn

This European tactic to cutting wood is one of the more environmentally-friendly methods, as all of the lumber is utilized, leaving zero waste. The end result of live sawn lumber is a unique grain that combines the look from plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn. This type of cut works well for antique or rustic motifs.

Cuts of Wood – Live Sawn
live sawn cuts of wood

Rift Sawn

The rings in this option are between 30 and 60 degrees to the face of the plank, with 45 degrees being the most ideal. The end result of this method is a unique linear grain pattern with no flecking.

Cuts of Wood – Rift Sawn
rift sawn cuts of wood

Quarter Sawn

This cut can be easily identified because of the straight grain pattern that is produced during the manufacturing process. The tree’s rings are 60 to 90 degrees to the face of the plank and a lot of flecking appears when using red or white oak.

Cuts of Wood – Quarter Sawn
quater sawn cuts of wood

R&Q Sawn

Rift and quarter sawn (R&Q Sawn) shows the grain at a more vertical angle when compared to wood that is plain sawn. This results in planks that are more stable when it comes to side-to-side movement. The finished look contains linear grain and flecking.

Cuts of Wood – R&Q