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Peter West

When my wife, Laura, and I started this company, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to express my creativity. Being a trained painter and sculptor, I always want to leave my imprint on any artistic pieces of work that I create.

Because hardwood can be repetitive, I knew I had to take West Wood’s products to the next level. I wanted the company to offer items that can’t be found elsewhere. After some testing, using wood as my canvas, I discovered interesting techniques that resulted in unique styles and designs.

It was through this experimentation, combined with trial and error, where I was able to develop some of the one-of-a-kind colors that you can find in West Wood’s portfolio. Now my son, Nick, has been putting his creativity and skill to work developing and contributing to most of the latest colors we now offer.

With a persistent dedication to craft, the West Wood team and I have taken on some of the most complicated projects, elevating hardwood flooring into works of art. If you have something special in mind for your next project, there is no need to look any further.

Peter West