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George Goodwin, a master carpenter and homebuilder, acquired longleaf pine logs from the Suwannee River to create his dream house. Realizing the virgin quality, rich red patina and amazing grains of this underwater heart pine was quite a treasure, he opened the Goodwin Heart Pine Company in 1976.

At Goodwin, the wood is guaranteed to be virgin growth and of U.S. origin, is handcrafted to suit each customer’s needs, has high precision grading standards, and is kiln dried for durability and long-lasting value.

Goodwin uses sustainable wood and an environmentally safe manufacturing process. George Goodwin spearheaded the efforts to develop the Florida Deadhead Logging Permit, required by anyone wanting to recover logs from bodies of water in the state of Florida. The company is also actively involved with many community environmental groups and green advocacy organizations.

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