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Schotten & Hansen, based in Peiting, Bavaria, developed and produced high quality, healthy and renewable wood surfaces for the complete interior since 1984. Individually produced by hand and in an almost limitless range of colours.


Schotten & Hansen

Oak Edition 21 - Color Groups

Linen Light

Linen Light Schotten & Hansen

Linen Light Floorboards


Mocha Dark

mocha-dark-Schotten & Hansen

Mocha Dark Floorboards


Oyster Dark

Oyster-Dark-Schotten & Hansen

Oyster Dark Floorboards


Pebble Stone Dark

Pebble Stone Dark Schotten & Hansen

Pebble Stone Dark Floorboards

Pebble Stone Dark Floorboards Schotten & Hansen

Smoke Medium

Smoke Medium Schotten & Hansen

Smoke Medium Floorboards

Smoke Medium Floorboards Schotten & Hansen
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