Longhorn has a mix of taupe with warm light brown undertones and light grey grain. A unique color with many design options.

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Product Description

Specification Options for White Oak

Other species including Red oak, Hickory, Pine, Maple, Walnut or others, ARE Available, but may have different specification features to consider.


Design Elements

Species | White Oak (American, European, French), Red Oak, Hickory, Pine, Maple, Walnut (other preferred species)

Sawn Face | Plain, Live, Rift, Quartered, R&Q

Grade | Rustic, Prime / Character, Select & Better, Clear

Texture | Smooth, Brushed, Hand-scraped, Band-sawn

Finish | Hard wax oil, Lacquer or Wax


Production Elements

Construction | Solid or Engineered

Engineered Widths | 5-½”, 7”, 9-½”, 10-¼”, 12” with Baltic birch core 8-11 ply OR 11-½”, 13-½”, 15-½”, 17-¾” with balanced oak (oak top & bottom) with 8 ply

Solid Widths | 4-⅜”-8”, custom widths available upon request

Engineered Thickness | ½”, ⅝”, ¾”

Solid Thickness | ¾”

Engineered Lengths | 2’-8’, 2-10’, 6’-10’, 6’-14-½’, options based upon material selected

Solid Lengths |2’-8’, 2’-10’, options up to 12’ or more

Engineered Wear Layer | 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, options based upon material selected


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