Nova Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray


Nova Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray is a professional strength, non-toxic waterborne cleaner formulated for all types of hardwoods coated with a clear, unwaxed finish. This environmentally responsible, professional cleaner leaves no residue and will not dull the wood’s finish. Good for all types of unwaxed, residential and commercial polyurethane finished hardwood.

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Product Description
  • User friendly
  • Professional services not required
  • A ready-to-use spray interior hardwood cleaner for oiled or waxed wooden surfaces
  • Perfect for wooden worktops, doors, furniture and more
  • Water-soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer
  • Color: Clear
  • Packaging: 1 Quart Spray Bottle

Nova Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray – Data Sheets

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