Stunning Style Using Reactives

Santa Cruz Hardwood Flooring

Even though the new year has just begun, people within the design community are already raving about the unique styles that are created when using reactive processes on wide plank hardwood flooring. This look is achieved by utilizing various techniques that react with the tannins in the wood.

Generally, using a reactive process will enhance the grain of the wood by making it either lighter or darker than the rest of the plank. It creates a distinctive contrast and enriches the color. For those who love to make a bold statement, this choice for your engineered hardwood floors is perfect.

Because this treatment looks great with any color, you can apply it when you select the perfect shades that will elevate your space to the next level. Our Portfolio already consists of many color options with reactives, ranging from grey to black, brown and more.

Armada Dark Brown Wood Floors

Shown here is an example of how reactives can be applied to hardwood flooring. In this video, the product is sprayed on the floor by one worker while another uses a mop to ensure even coverage.

Need More Guidance?

Our Portfolio has many options that have been created using a reactive process. It might be now that this technique is gaining more attention, but it is a process that we have been doing for many years. We have the knowledge and experience to execute this style flawlessly.

If you can’t find that perfect color in our Portfolio, contact one of our hardwood consultants who can help you create your own unique design.