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Welcome to 2021

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Refresh Your Wood Floors While Away20200821124514

Refresh Your Wood Floors While Away

To the many who are taking extended leaves from their homes this Fall, we at West | Wood would like to remind you that this time is an opportunity to ...
A&D Industry Covid-19 Reopening Survey Results20200707161658

A&D Industry Covid-19 Reopening Survey Results

A&D Industry Covid-19 Reopening SurveyIn late May, we conducted the A&D Industry Covid-19 Reopening survey (May 28 - June 11) to get a better ...
Introducing North Fork Woods20200316151250

Introducing North Fork Woods

Damien MonacoMarch 16, 20200 comments
The North Fork Woods collection is on trend with the design industry, containing forward-thinking style. Essential wood working techniques and state-o...
Stunning Style Using Reactives20200218152127

Stunning Style Using Reactives

Damien MonacoFebruary 18, 20200 comments
Even though the new year has just begun, people within the design community are already raving about the unique styles that are created when using rea...
Classic Blue Color of the Year20200205140658

Classic Blue Color of the Year

Damien MonacoFebruary 5, 20200 comments
“Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious and expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open...
Incorporating Scandinavian Style20200121140455

Incorporating Scandinavian Style

Laura WestJanuary 21, 20200 comments
For those who love minimalism and simplicity, Scandinavian design might be the right look for you. Here are some examples of this style and how to inc...
The Backdrop for a Bright New Decade20200114105902

The Backdrop for a Bright New Decade

Laura WestJanuary 14, 20200 comments
“A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential.Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2020, First Light, is the backdrop...
Interior Design Trends for 202020200106111035

Interior Design Trends for 2020

Laura WestJanuary 6, 20200 comments
With a new year comes new predictions about what the top interior design trends will be. Here you will find some ideas from various professionals with...
Natural Variations for Unique Shades20191211171346

Natural Variations for Unique Shades

Laura WestDecember 11, 20190 comments
Hardwood surfaces are a product of nature. They come from a living organism – trees – and no two pieces of lumber are the same because of this. At WES...