Paying Tribute to America

Every year, millions of people celebrate Thanksgiving to show their gratitude for all they are fortunate enough to have. What once started as a religious holiday has transformed over time into a day where everyone, no matter what their background, come together and give thanks for all they are lucky enough to have in their lives.

How We Show Our Appreciation

Our America Color Collection has an exceptionally rich textured look emphasizing the unique regional characteristics found in the United States. We captured the tropical sandy beaches, through to the arid deserts and rugged mountains. Like the geographical environment, our colors range from earthy creamy shades to different blends of deep umber browns.

Spreading the beauty and magnificence of this wonderful nation is a great way for us to show others the breathtaking landscapes that we should not take for granted. Without these United States of America, we would not have a lot of the freedoms that we have become accustomed to.

Our Colors of Hardwood Flooring


Influenced by the Northern Midwest states, Dakota is our interpretation of the area and the elements that helped shaped the growth of this amazing place. The dark browns and hints of grey reflect the natural resources that have aided in the area’s thriving economy. The grain featured on these wide plank floors is the perfect contrast to the main color, making it as special as the land it was inspired by.


The rich browns and cream-colored grain of Everglade is a fun and unique interpretation of the tropical wetlands. The style of this hardwood design makes you feel like you are out in nature. Tans, with mild hints of khaki, help to create depth with this flooring option. Although this color has a natural feel to it, with the right accessories, it can be just as contemporary as any other of our colors.


Jasmine is a unique blend of light browns and tans that meld together to create a beachy feel. The creamy grain in the wood depicts the movement of the ocean as waves crash on the shore. This wide plank flooring is perfect for the beach lover, regardless of where you live.


The focus of Maine is the grain, replicating the striations carved by glaciers to create the rugged coastline found along this state’s shore. The rich shades of the various dark browns create a beautiful hardwood floor that many will appreciate.


We got our inspiration for Nevada from the state’s largely arid environment. A blend of warmth, dry, nature creates the perfect design and look for your hardwood floors. Different shades of brown, ranging from light to dark, create an interesting style for any space. The contrasting colors of the grain add dimension and depth.


Vermont is known for its natural landscapes, 19th century covered wooden bridges and as a major producer of maple syrup. Combine that with the friendliness and good health you will find there, and that equates to our color interpretation of Vermont. This hardwood floor exudes feelings of life and prosperity, perfect for any new project.

Need More Guidance?

For more colors inspired by the gorgeous landscapes that surround us, also check out our Natural Vintage Color Collection. If you need some extra help, you can contact one of our hardwood consultants to get suggestions on the best hardwood flooring options to complete your space.

Happy Thanksgiving!