Natural Variations for Unique Shades

Hardwood surfaces are a product of nature. They come from a living organism – trees – and no two pieces of lumber are the same because of this. At WEST | WOOD Architectural Surfaces, we like to take advantage of this and use it to create beautiful and sophisticated objects.

Reactive Color Processes

Unlike a lot of traditional pre-treatments and stains, reactive color processes are different because of how they interact with the wood. Traditional stains simply dye the color of the outer layer of wood, whereas reactive color processes mix with tannins in the wood to create richer and more pronounced colors.


The Color

For those who love the look of white hardwood flooring, this is an excellent route to go. This process can take more of the natural reds out of the wood, making it easier to achieve that snowy white color without hints of pink hiding in the background. It can even work better than bleaching your floors.

Because reactive color processes can also darken the hardwood, it can be used to achieve some of the darkest floors you have ever seen. Options in our Blackish Collection are proof of this.

Being able to create mixtures of colors and shades are an amazing advantage when using this product. The process can be done multiple times, bringing any designer’s dream to life, exactly as envisioned.


The Character

For clients who like to have a ton of unique characteristics when it comes to their hardwood flooring, you will love the reactive color process. Not only can it bring out the grain, but it will also make any knots or burls even more attractive.

This look is enjoyed by many. Depending on the style you are after, it is easy to create a modern masterpiece in little time. What would normally take decades to naturally achieve, the oxidization process is quickly sped up by this reactive process and can be obtained right away.

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Installing Your Hardwood Floor

Since no two pieces of wood are the same, hardwood planks can look quite different, even when they come from the same batch of lumber. Our skilled installers will arrange the boards in an artistic way to make your floor look the best it possibly can.

If you need some extra advice, you can contact one of our hardwood consultants to get suggestions on the best options to complete your space, or request some free samples to get started.