Designing with Pale Pinks

Recent trends love the Perfect Pink. With great versatility to suit every space, our infinite sophisticated color range of wood surfaces is the right match and one of the top choices of many interior designer’s styles.

Complementing Your Wall Colors

Experts in the design industry say the trends with pink will not be going away anytime soon. With a wide variety of pastel pinks to choose from, you will more than likely be able to find the perfect shade that is right for you.

“[Pale pink is] soft, warm and tender, and it looks great with any color. It can be sophisticated and also very youthful. I love it with a deep emerald green. It’s a flattering color… especially when applied to the ceiling.” — Liz Caan, of Liz Caan & Co.

Some of our lighter tones from our color collections, such as Poison Ivy, Everglade and Sweet Potato, complement the delicate pink with a subtle balance.

Pale Pink Room with Everglade Floor

Adding Contrast to a Room

Pale Pink Furniture with Santa Fe Floor

“I love using [light pink]. It has just the right amount of peach in it and it’s feminine but not too sweet, and plays well in any light.” — Caroline Rafferty, of Caroline Rafferty Interiors

Not everyone wants a feminine space, so adding dark hardwood colors provides a wonderful balance between feminine and masculine. Applying certain shades, such as Santa Fe or Trench, creates a completely different look when compared to using lighter floors.

Take a moment to consider the feelings and emotions that you want your space to convey. Once you figure that out, it will help narrow down the color choices for your hardwood flooring.

Need More Guidance?

Picking out these details can be a little overwhelming for some, especially since it is not a project that you want to have to do again too soon. You can contact one of our hardwood consultants to get suggestions on the best hardwood flooring options to complete your space, or view some samples in our project gallery for inspiration.