The Beauty of Fumed Hardwood Floors

Dakota Example

Rich dark tones and enhanced natural grain produced by fuming creates luxurious colors. The depth of character offers a beautiful contrast and strong foundation for almost any design. To keep it simple, fumed hardwood is another way of adding special design elements to your hardwood surfaces.

What to Expect When Fuming Hardwood

Fuming is a natural process for creating various shades and tones in hardwood, resulting in slight to extreme variations from light to dark. The fuming application reacts with the tannins, bringing out the grain and darkening the wood. No two pieces of wood are the same, therefore it is impossible to have two treated planks look exactly identical.

Most people find this style to be very sophisticated, but wide variations of color are not for everyone. At WEST | WOOD, we recommend an installation layout that enhances the variation in color design.

Examples of Fumed Hardwood Surfaces

All the shades in our America Color Collection are created using a fumed process. These are wonderful examples of what we can create for you. You can view some samples in our project gallery for inspiration.

Maine Floors

Unsure About Fuming Hardwood?

Fuming can be an important decision when it comes to your overall design. For some extra help, you can contact one of our hardwood consultants to get suggestions on the best hardwood flooring options to complete your space.

Blue Room with Jasmine Floors