High Line 23

High Line 23

Using natural materials, West|Wood helped complete the finishing touches at High Line 23 by manufacturing and installing flooring throughout the building.

window view high line 23 natural wood floor

About The Project

Completed in 2009, the 39,200-square-foot property consists of 11 residences, a gallery and recreation space in the Chelsea Arts District of New York City.

Chair Living Room view High Line 23 NYC Natural Wood Floor

About the Client

Alf Naman Development uses thoughtful and innovative designs when it comes to developing properties throughout Manhattan, New York.

desk view high line 23 natural wood floor


To bring architect Thomas Juul-Hansen’s vision to life, West|Wood created floors from solid oak planks with two layers of sub-floors to minimize noise. A custom installation, utilizing plywood and cork, as well as various adhesives and finishes, were successfully used for the completion of this project.

corner view high line 23 natural wood floor

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What's Your Concept?

We’re not afraid to innovate or to try things other floorers balk at. With an unflinching dedication to craft, West|Wood has taken on the most complicated projects, elevating wood floors to works of art. Virtuosity and a deep love of the flooring craft are in West| Wood’s entrepreneurial DNA!