KUBE Architecture

KUBE Architecture

West|Wood worked with KUBE Architecture to enhance one of their interior designs with light wood flooring.

Kube Architecture West Wood Kitchen

About The Project

Wide planks of wood flooring helped complete the look of the residence. This airy and wide-open space feels even larger with the light floors that were installed.

Kube Architecture West Wood Living Room

About the Client

Using light, color, texture and materials, KUBE Architecture emphasizes the various components of the space being worked on. The KUBE studio challenges the norms of daily life and attempts to reinterpret ways of living and working in these man made environments.


To maximize the open feeling of the space, West|Wood manufactured and installed a seven-inch wide plank wood floor stained with Rustic Snowdrop. Light shining through the windows, as well as recessed lighting installed throughout, bounce off the European Oak floors that are an elegant shade of white with cool hints of light grey hues.

More Images From The KUBE Architecture Installation

What's Your Concept?

We’re not afraid to innovate or to try things other floorers balk at. With an unflinching dedication to craft, West|Wood has taken on the most complicated projects, elevating wood floors to works of art. Virtuosity and a deep love of the flooring craft are in West| Wood’s entrepreneurial DNA!