Southampton Holiday House

Because of the success of the NYC Holiday House, founder Iris Dankner expanded her mission to the east, opening another location in Southampton, New York.

White Wood Walls Southampton Holiday House 5

About the Client

Holiday House continues to raise money for breast cancer research by having designers showcase their work at various locations.

About the Project

WEST | WOOD designed and built a wall application to enhance the space where Ferraris, Maseratis and other high-end cars call home.

White Wood Walls Southampton Holiday House 2


Through the use of light tan hardwood planks, the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with a façade showcasing the natural grains from the trees. The fluidity of the design, along with the color, do a great job of blending well into the surrounding atmosphere.

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What's Your Concept?

We’re not afraid to innovate or to try things other craftsmen balk at. With an unflinching dedication to craft, WEST | WOOD has taken on the most complicated projects, elevating hardwood surfaces into works of art. Virtuosity and a deep love of the hardwood craft are in WEST | WOOD’s entrepreneurial DNA!